Why Do BMD’s Lick So Much?

Bernese Mountain Dog puppy being petted.

Understanding the emotional connection between humans and dogs is a fascinating area of study. In recent years, scientists and veterinarians have conducted research on canines and their ability to sense human emotions. The findings have been truly remarkable, showing that AKC Bernese Mountain Dogs, just like other dogs, have the ability to perceive and respond…

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Discover the Best of AKC Breeds: Berners Are Versatile & Family Friendly

A Bernese Mountain Dog chewing on a plush toy.

Guest Blog: By Ledonna Scalf, AKC Certified Evaluator with the Well Trained Puppy AKC Bernese Mountain Dogs are a well-known and highly sought-after breed. With their stunning appearance and gentle nature, they have gained recognition worldwide. Known for their compatibility with families, AKC Bernese Mountain Dogs are often regarded as ideal family pets. They exhibit…

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Get to Know Us at AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch

Three newborn puppies wearing colorful sweaters.

AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch is a reputable breeder specializing in AKC registered Bernese Mountain Dogs.. Our mission is to provide hand-raised, high-quality puppies that can become cherished members of your family. Situated at the base of Wyoming’s Beartooth Mountains, AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch offers a serene environment where our puppies can frolic and…

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