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Woof! We'd love it if you could respond to some important tail-wagging questions on our application for puppy adoption. This way, we can sniff out more about you and discover what kind of pup makes your heart bark with joy!

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We would love to learn more about you!

Please take a moment to complete our questionnaire.

We understand that the document package may seem lengthy, but it's designed to ensure that we match you with the perfect AKC Bernese Mountain Dog. We want to make sure that both you and the puppy are a great fit for each other.

It's mostly multiple-choice, with a few places to initial & one spot to sign.

Once you've finished, simply submit the document, & it will be automatically sent to me as an email attachment. You'll receive a copy as well.

I'll review your responses, then reach out if I have any follow-up questions. If everything looks good, I'll send you an invitation via email to reserve a puppy. A refundable deposit will secure your reservation.

Thank you for getting in touch, & we can't wait to match you with the perfect AKC Bernese Mountain Dog soon!

Raising Tails of Success, 🐾🐶

Michelle Hall

(307) 202-3808
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