Our Mountain Home

Two dogs standing on rocks near a body of water.
At AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch, Our Family Of


Are proud of their formidable heritage spanning generations of professionally trained, top-quality dogs. If you've ever marveled at someone's Bernese Mountain Dog, be it for its coat or its manners, its personality, or its training, there's a very good chance the breeders at AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch had a hand in bringing up these puppies!

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Because It’s Here Where Berners Find Extraordinary Beginnings

On our ranch, our Registered Berner puppies embrace their surroundings, exploring the mountains and rivers, fostering their socialization and curiosity. As they grow, our Bernese Mountain Dogs continue to cherish their home in the Beartooth Mountain Range, embodying the spirit of keepers and adventurers.

As a family-driven breeder, we prioritize the well-being of our AKC registered Bernese Mountain Dogs, treating them as cherished members of our own family. This approach nurtures their exceptional temperaments, resulting in sweet, gentle, protective, loyal, and lovable Berners that are perfect for families.


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A Calm Temperament

We promote a calm temperament with frequent and appropriate socialization, advanced training options, and developing the Bernese Mountain Dog trait.

Traditionally, well bred Bernese Mountain Dogs innately have very calm temperaments. They are also less active and quieter than typical backyard breeders, which makes them easier to train and the perfect family dog for any type of family.

At AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch, we are firm believers in socializing our Berner puppies with adults, children, and other animals so that they will grow up to be confident and reliable adults.

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Genetically True Bernese Mountain Dogs

AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch is dedicated to continuing strong bloodlines for Bernese Mountain Dogs. That’s why each one of our dams and sires is verified by the AKC as a purebred with certified genetics. We have all the appropriate information and genetic paperwork necessary on our dogs, which can be found here on our website, so you know that you are getting true full blood and well bred Berner puppies.

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Always Tri-Colored

Our name AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch says it all, and we’ve got the proof to show it. Producing gorgeously marked puppies is what we do best, which is what we can always guarantee. You’ll always find our puppies have gorgeous coats with distinguishable black noses.

Sometimes, we might get a puppy from a litter with a "Swiss Kiss." This is a term of endearment used to describe the white hairs sometimes placed across the should blades. That is becoming more and more sought after. So, if you are one of those who prefer a bit of white across the shoulder blades, let us know so we can match you up with the perfect family member today!

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Meet Our Trainer

Our trainer infuses our puppies’ environment with endless attention and tail-wagging love.

Michelle Hall

Introducing Michelle Hall, an exceptional AKC Bernese Mountain Dog breeder residing at the foot of the awe-inspiring Beartooth Mountains. Michelle's journey in dog breeding began following in her father's footsteps as an AKC breeder/trainer of German Shepherds. Her love for dogs blossomed, and she trained her first show dog in 1980, entering him in her debut AKC exhibition on Easter 1982.

In 2013 Michelle’s oldest daughter, Allie, introduced Michelle to her first Berner. It was true love at first sight. Since then, her commitment to producing the finest Bernese Mountain Dogs has remained steadfast. Each breeding decision is thoughtfully made to preserve the breed's exceptional traits.

Michelle is a loving mother of five adult children, a testament to her nurturing spirit. Her role as a mother nurtured in her a natural ability to care for and connect with living beings. This innate quality shines through in her interactions with both her cherished Bernese Mountain Dogs and the people she encounters.

Michelle Hall has been honored by Lux Life Magazine as the "2023 Leading Breeder of Bernese Mountain Dogs," a recognition that highlights her unwavering commitment to breeding exceptional dogs. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep love for the breed, Michelle has set herself apart as an industry leader. Lux Life Magazine acknowledges her expertise, ethical practices, and dedication to producing Bernese Mountain Dogs of outstanding quality. This prestigious title solidifies Michelle's status as a trusted source for those seeking loyal companions, show dogs, or beloved family pets. Her legacy as a top breeder shines brightly, and her commitment to the breed's excellence remains steadfast.

Michelle's genuine love for people extends beyond her family. Known for her warm heart and dedication to helping others, she guides new dog owners through the joys and challenges of pet ownership and offers assistance within her community. Living amidst the serene beauty of the Beartooth Mountains provides an ideal environment for her dogs to thrive. Within these stunning surroundings, Michelle tends to each dog with care and attention.

With Michelle Hall as your breeder, expect nothing short of extraordinary. Her knowledge and compassion for dogs and people distinguish her as a true advocate for the Bernese Mountain Dog breed. Whether you seek a loyal companion, a show dog, or a beloved family pet, Michelle's expertise and dedication will lead you to the perfect match. Welcome to Michelle Hall's world, where the beauty of the Beartooth Mountains merges with the magnificence of AKC Bernese Mountain Dogs. Embark on this remarkable journey and discover the joy of sharing your life with one of Michelle's exceptional companions.