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AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch Well Trained Puppy Program

At AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch, where we specialize in providing well-trained puppies that seamlessly become a part of your family. Our unique approach goes beyond basic training to create a lifestyle that perfectly integrates your new furry companion into your daily routines.
With our Well Trained Puppy Program, your puppy receives daily preparation for their new home. We focus not only on teaching essential commands but also on building emotional and behavioral skills. From interacting with children to handling loud noises, we ensure your puppy is ready for any situation.
At AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch, we believe that life is about more than just commands. We want your puppy to instantly become a cherished member of your family. That's why we go the extra mile to ensure they are comfortable in various environments, such as family TV time, mealtime, and car rides.

Join us at AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch and experience the difference of our comprehensive Well-Trained Puppy Program. Let us help you create a harmonious lifestyle with your new furry friend, where every day is filled with love, joy, and a seamless integration into your family.

Before they become cherished members of your family, puppies flourish in our Mountain Home, in Wyoming, near Yellowstone.

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Our Training Programs

Through years of continuous improvement, we have fine-tuned our curriculum to offer three distinct modules that provide highly effective training programs tailored to three levels of training.

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Buckaroo 101

Introducing our family-focused basic lifestyle training program, specifically designed to equip every puppy with essential foundational skills for a harmonious integration into your loving home. With a strong emphasis on the basics, this program provides a solid baseline training that ensures a great start for your new furry family member. While your active involvement and reinforcement are vital, rest assured that tails will be wagging as your puppy embarks on this exciting journey of learning and bonding with your family!

  • Approximately 200 hours of training and lifestyle skills
  • Basic Behavior and lifestyle development skills



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Buckaroo Honors

If you're seeking an advanced training and lifestyle program that goes above and beyond, look no further than our esteemed Honors Program, meticulously designed to equip your puppy with the skills they need to thrive in any lifestyle situation and behavioral training scenario. By completing our Honors Program, your puppy will be fully prepared to tackle almost any situation, all while sporting an enthusiastic tail-wagging smile from ear to ear!

  • Approx. 350 hours of training and lifestyle skills
  • Advance Behavior and lifestyle development skills
  • Twice as much tail wagging
  • AKC STAR Puppy Certification



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Wrangler Advanced

Our Wrangler Advanced training program for AKC Bernese Mountain Dogs takes puppies from basic training to AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification. We focus on house training and specialized protocols for a well-behaved and polished puppy.

  • Approx. 600 hours of training and lifestyle skills
  • Everything from Wagology 101 Honors Program plus more
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification
  • Pick Your Trick Program



If you have any further questions or need more information, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We are here to assist you and ensure that your experience with us is exceptional from start to finish.

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Buckaroo 101

Puppy manners are essential, and Buckaroo 101 is a remarkable introduction to the AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch lifestyle. Designed for puppies at 7 weeks of age, this comprehensive class comprises nearly 200 hours of training and lifestyle socialization, ensuring a solid foundation.

Upon completing this program, your puppy will grasp essential command words, through verbal and physical cues. Equally vital, they will effortlessly adopt to kitchen time, family time, and dinner time. Buckaroo 101 sets the stage for your puppy’s continue training journey in their new environment, empowering your family to seamlessly continue the process.

With just around 30 minutes of daily reinforcement, you can expect remarkable progress. For families with the desire and availability to further develop these essential skills, this level of Puppy Training is the ideal choice. Join us in shaping a confident and well-rounded puppy, ready to thrive in your loving home.

Lifestyle Training:

  • Socialization Exercises: Experiences socializing puppies in family settings like the home to thrive in those environments.
  • Family Time: Puppy gets used to calmly observing family activities like TV, games, and meal preparation without demanding constant attention.
  • Travel Readiness: Early car ride exposure ensures the puppy feels at ease riding in vehicles.
  • Vet Socialization: Proper socialization prepares the puppy to feel comfortable during check-ups.
  • Older Dog Socialization: Puppy becomes acclimated to living with or visiting other canine family members.

Behavior Training:

  • Leash Walk Training: We start mastering the leash and teach loose leash walking without pulling or jumping early on. Proper leash manners are a key focus.
  • Crate Training: Crate training helps solve accidents and establish a routine. Puppies should be fully house trained within 3-5 weeks of going to their new homes.
  • Verbal Cues: Puppies learn to recognize and respond appropriately to simple commands like "yes" and "no" about permitted and prohibited behaviors.
  • Sit: Through repetition, puppies come to understand and obey the verbal and physical cues for sitting.
  • Stay: We practice having puppies remain in place up to 5 feet away for 5 seconds to build perseverance and self-control.
  • Fetch: Puppies have fun playing fetch and are eager to retrieve toys over and over with minimal complusion.
  • Calm Settle: Some moments call for relaxation, so puppies also learn to settle down when cued.
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Buckaroo Honors

Buckaroo Honoros provides over 350 hours of advanced training. Puppies master basics from Buckaroo 101 plus an additional 4 weeks of concentrated life skills training. Each puppy has a breakthrough moment when training clicks, transforming their listening and personality.

On average, this occurs around 10-12 weeks. The vital 3-4 extra weeks in Well Trained Puppy will reinforce all commands and life skills needed. Graduates also achieve AKC STAR Puppy certification, laying the groundwork for future AKC Good Citizen Certification in the Doctorate Program.

All Training i Buckaroo 101 Plus:

Lifestyle Training:

  • Socialization Exercises: Valuable experiences socializing puppies in familiar settings like home and family to thrive.
  • Kitchen Time: Puppies learn good manners around meal prep by sitting calmly instead of begging or underfoot behaviors.
  • Family Time: Puppy gets used to calmly observing TV, games without demanding constant attention.
  • Large Groups: Socialization makes puppies comfortable in crowds.
  • Bedtime: We prepare puppies to sleep peacefully in familiar bedrooms.
  • Office Socialization: Puppies can join employees with supervision and good behavior.
  • Travel Readiness: Early car exposure ensures at ease rides.
  • Storm Training: Thunderstorm exposure makes puppies accustomed to storms.
  • Vet Socialization: Preparation results in calm check-ups
  • Older Dog Socialization: Puppy welcomed by other dogs through socialization.
  • Animal Socialization: Exposure to common pets/barnyard animals like cats, horses.

Behavior Training:

  • Leash Walking: Focus on loose leash manners and eliminating pulling while walking.
  • Potty Training: Crate training at night aids house training within 2-4 weeks. Daytime accidents decrease with routine. See our Doctorate program for full house training.
  • Verbal Cues: Puppies learn to respond appropriately to simple cues like "yes", "no" about behaviors.
  • Sit: Practice hand and verbal signals until puppies reliably sit on request.
  • Down: Puppies trained to comply with "down" despite occasional jumping.
  • Stay: Duration of stay increases over training to 10 feet for 10 seconds.
  • Heel/Leash: Loose leash walking taught with puppy happily focused on owner.
  • Drop: Command conditions release of objects held in mouth.
  • Calm/Settle: Cue establishes relaxing behavior during over-arousal.
  • AKC STAR PUPPY CERTIFIED: Graduates qualify for this recognition.
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Woof, what an adventure our Wrangler Advanced program provides! Through dedicated training exceeding 600 hours, puppies transform from enthusiastic students to astoundingly well-behaved canines.

Beyond mastering Buckaroo 101/Honors basics, pups spend 4 final weeks immersed in real-world living. Here, house training reaches full completion through simulations of life's unpredictable moments. Truly, there's no better prep for a pup's forever home.

Equally exciting, the playful Pick Your Trick program teaches incredible new skills! Spin, crawl or balance - the options for entertainment are endless. When graduation day arrives, pups wow families as polished AKC Good Citizen title-holders, perfectly poised for adventures together.

At AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch, we don't just train pups...we cultivate their potential to be champions of companionship through compassionate care, creativity and canine delights!

All training in the Honors Program, plus:

Socialization Training:

  • Extended Restraint: Puppies gain bladder control up to 8 hours when crated without accident.
  • Exposure Therapy: Unique lessons using varied materials, moving objects, sounds and people, build resilience to surprises through novelty acclimation sessions.
  • Grooming Socialization: Regular handling of ears, feet and more makes future nail trims, tooth brushing relaxing through early exposure.
  • Multi-Surface Mobility: Stair climbing, uneven grounds and more in our course prepares puppies to confidently and safely navigate diverse terrains like patios and trails in life.
  • Enclosed Area Acclimation: Walkways and covered bridges featured in training introduce composed reactions to enclosed or sheltered pathways they may experience.

Behavior Training:

  • Place Training: Pups are taught to relax in a designated spot on command. This helps prevent over-excitement around guests or begging at the dinner table.
  • Wait Cue: Dogs learn to wait patiently before going through doors, entering vehicles, or receiving food. This prevents rushing or jumping.
  • Loose Leash Walking: Proper leash walking etiquette is practiced, with the puppy happily engaged right beside the owner.
  • Trick Training: Basic commands like spin, crawl and sit are mastered for fun tricks to perform on request.
  • AKC Certification: Upon completion, puppies demonstrate exemplary citizenship skills to achieve the prestigious AKC Canine Good Citizen certification. This confirms they are well-mannered ambassadors for their new homes.
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Welcome to the AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch Well Trained Puppy Program. We are honored you have chosen our program and invite you to learn more about our training approach.

We take puppy training very seriously and go beyond basic obedience to fully prepare them for family life. Our goal is to have the first time your puppy comes home not feel like their first time in a home.

Two bernese mountain dogs sitting next to each other.

We have state-of-the-art facilities that allow us to train puppies in different room-based modules similar to a home. Puppies practice skills like sit, stay and house training in our kitchen, living room, bedroom and other areas. This helps them acclimate to household sounds and environments.

We focus on training puppies to be respectful family members. We also certify dogs as AKC STAR Puppy and Canine Good Citizen based on the program level.

Please join us for a tour to see our approach firsthand. We're confident our training provides puppies with a solid foundation for their forever homes. We look forward to answering any other questions and welcoming your new puppy to our program.

Trained AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies Await Their Loving Homes!

If your schedule is too full to train a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy yourself, our pre-trained pups from AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch are the perfect solution! Through our Well Trained Puppy program, pups learn invaluable life skills.

Those selecting Buckaroo 101 begin with core commands like sit and stay, plus acclimating to family activities right away. House training fundamentals lay the groundwork for a seamless transition home. Graduates go to their forever families after completion.

Our Buckaroo Honors Program provides four extra weeks of training, resulting in AKC STAR Puppy certification by graduation.

Opt for the top Wrangler Advanced program and pups spend 13 weeks in our furnished, home-like residential facility. Here, under expert guidance, they achieve full house training and earn the coveted AKC Canine Good Citizen title before being welcomed into your family—a wonderfully prepared new addition!

Rely on our proven track record to give your pup the brightest possible future through well-rounded socialization and training.

The AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch Difference

At AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch, we go above and beyond to raise happy, healthy pups that are truly family-ready.

Where others focus solely on training, we immerse pups in real-world experiences similar to home. Living areas, noises and routines fully prepare them to seamlessly join your lives.

Our established breeding program carefully selects only the finest breeding stock to produce the highest quality Berners. Combined with our tailored Training-In-A-Home system, this guarantees well-socialized pups built for lifelong companionship.

While training remains core, we customize education plans for any goals - from service work to playful family pets. Daily exchanges keep us involved even after adoption for life-long support.

Rather than treat dogs as mere products, our staff cares for each pup like cherished family. You gain not just a pre-trained pet but peace of mind from our commitment to expert socialization and health before pups find their furever homes.

Join our family tradition of well rounded Berners by welcoming one of our pups home. Experience thejoy and trusted partnership that only an AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch puppy can provide for years to come.

Bring Home a Trained Berner Puppy Today!

Are you considering adding a new furry family member but want one already well-adjusted to home life? Look no further than AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch for happy, healthy pups bred and trained with your lifestyle in mind.

Here you'll find not just AKC registered Berners but a caring, knowledgeable staff dedicated to comprehensive socialization and training. We invite you to explore our site to learn more about our approach and current litter updates.

See first-hand how our pups flourish through positive reinforcement in either our Buckaroo or Wrangler programs. Once adopted, our support continues through recommendations tailored to your needs.

Rather than a slew of empty promises, our consistent results speak for themselves. Contact us today to discuss available puppies and setting up a meet-and-greet (virtual or in person). We look forward to helping you find the perfect new furry family member for lifelong companionship.