Our Dogs

A close up of a dog 's face with the eyes open
The General - Sire

"The General" is an extraordinary Bernese Mountain Dog sire with a charming and larger-than-life personality.

A dog sitting next to a laptop computer.
Mattie - Dam

Meet Mattie, a delightful AKC Bernese Mountain Dog female who hails from Slovakia.

A dog with a bandana sitting on the side of a wall.
Millie - Dam

Meet Millie, an experienced mother and a perfect example of an AKC Bernese Mountain Dog.

A dog sitting on top of a grass covered field.
Yours Truly - Dam

Introducing Truly, an AKC Bernese Mountain Dog female with a unique and clever personality.

A woman petting her dog on the lap of another person.
Whizbang - Dam

Introducing Whizbang, an AKC Bernese Mountain Dog with a clever and distinctive personality.

Two dogs standing on rocks in the desert.
Zippy - Dam

Allow us to introduce Zippy, an AKC Bernese Mountain Dog who possesses a creative & loving personality.

A woman standing next to a dog on the porch.
Meet Sadie

Meet Sadie, a majestic female Bernese Mountain Dog residing high in Wyoming’s Beartooth Mountains.


Our Youtube Channel has over 500 videos from previous litters.