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For decades, the Bernese Mountain Dog has held a prominent place among America's favorite canine companions due to their unwavering loyalty, keen intelligence, and gentle nature. At AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch, we are dedicated to breeding and training the highest quality Bernese Mountain Dogs that embody these ideal traits and make the perfect addition to any family.

We strive to ensure our dogs possess the calmest of temperaments so they form a harmonious bond with their owners. As dedicated breeders with impeccable bloodlines, our Bernese Mountain Dogs excel at tasks yet remain gentle companions for families of all sizes. Whether you're seeking an adult dog, playful puppy or well-trained older puppy, we invite you to explore our selection to find your perfect match.

Delving into the storied history of the breed reveals how Bernese Mountain Dogs originated as working dogs in Switzerland, developing their intelligence and strength to guard flocks and pull carts. Today they remain a breed of unparalleled distinction, and we continue their legacy by taking pride in health, purity of bloodline and training.

As one of the nation's foremost breeders, join us in celebrating this cherished breed and become part of our enduring legacy by choosing an AKC Bernese Mountain Dog puppy from our ranch.

Prepare to witness a noticeable distinction in our Bernese Mountain Dog puppies that sets them apart from those offered by other breeders. Our unwavering commitment lies in providing each and every dog with an abundance of individual attention, showering them with the love and care they truly deserve. We firmly believe that it is not only our moral obligation but also our heartfelt responsibility to ensure that no dog is produced without the means and resources to receive proper care. Once our dogs become a part of our lives, they become cherished members of our family, and we treat them as such.

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AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch: Best in Bloodlines, Love, & Care! Superior parents, superior puppies. Discover our fabulous dams and sires with amazing traits, certified health, and beautiful builds. Get the best of the best from experienced, dedicated breeders. Choose the ultimate Berner experience. Contact us now!

Adoption Process and Requirements

Our puppies receive abundant human love, care, attention, and comprehensive training, setting them apart from those found at other breeders, pet stores or roadside stands. We meticulously vet each placement to ensure the perfect match for our raised puppies. Learn more about our exceptional parent dogs and available Berner puppies by looking through the available options below.

To apply and welcome a Berner puppy into your life, simply click the green button, below. Before submitting your application, be prepared to answer essential questions about the life you envision with your future companion. Providing comprehensive information about your home, lifestyle, family dynamics, existing pets, and future plans will aid us in finding your dream Bernese Lifetime genetic guarantee. We stand behind our excellent genetics!!!

We are dedicated to understanding your needs and facilitating the perfect match. Enjoy our Puppy Live Stream to witness firsthand the growth and playful antics of your future furry friend.

The AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch Difference

AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch expertise goes beyond just placing a puppy in your arms! With health, training, and lasting support, we're the top in the US! Our certified trainer trains all our puppies, and AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch is renowned as the best US program, paws down. Plus, each puppy goes home with personal puppy coaching support!

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Lifetime Genetic Health Guarantee! We stand behind our excellent genetics!!!

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Hand delivery to your front door anywhere in the US. We also love visitors. So, please don’t hesitate to plan a trip!

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Puppy livestream to watch your puppy daily as they grow.

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How Much Does Lifetime Genetically Health Guaranteed Bernese Mountain Dog PUPPIES Cost?

Experience the AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch, where love and care shape extraordinary companions. Our young Berners, priced between $3,750 (for a puppy with basic Puppy Culture Training) and $6,750 (for a graduate of our “Wrangler Advanced” issued an Canine Good Citizen Certification), reflect the exceptiona training they receive. Our dedicated family devotes their lives to nurturing the world's happiest and healthiest Bernese Mountain Dogs. From birth, each puppy is immersed in affection, attention, and gentle training, while their parents bask in our unwavering love.

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MVP (Most Valuable Puppies) Card

If you plan to open your heart and your home to one of our Bernese Mountain Dogs, secure a reservation today, by first completing the application (by clicking the green button below). This gets our conversation started and then submit your deposit when prompted.

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READY TO GO HOME as early as April 18 & as late as September 2, 2024 (after Completing our Well-Trained Puppy Program).

The General & Zippy delivered their phenomenal litter together, of 5 male puppies & 5 female puppies together, on February 19, 2024. We’ve nicknamed them the “Happy Litter” because each puppy is always happy, happy, happy. 

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Meet The

Best Breed!

Are you looking for an active, loyal companion eager to be your buddy through all of life’s ups and down? Consider making the versatile Bernese Mountain Dog a cherished member of your family. Renowned for their gentle yet protective nature, these gentle giants thrive on human companionship and will be the perfect hiking, camping and trekking partners.

You may already know that the iconic Bernese Mountain Dog is one of America’s most popular breeds, but how did they gain such widespread appeal? Here’s a brief history: Originating from the Swiss Alps, this noble breed has a rich legacy as a multifaceted working dog, offering solid companionship to farmers and Alpine families. Distinctively marked with black, white and rust tri-colors, the Bernese Mountain Dog exudes a calm yet powerful presence. Renowned for their unparalleled loyalty, good-natured intelligence and eager-to-please temperament, they make excellent family pets, therapy dogs and faithful guards of the homestead.

Did you know the American Kennel Club recognizes two distinct coat varieties? The classic longhaired coat features longer ruff and feathering. This coat variety requires regular grooming. Alternateively, the shorter haired coat lies smooth with less matting and less shedding.

Another lesser known tidbit is their history as draft animals in the Alps, hauling goods through treacherous terrain with surefooted strength and endurance— an adaptable working ethic sometimes forgotten in their role as loving pets. With capabilities beyond companionship, the Bernese heritage presents a complex multidimensional nature.

While certain hereditary health issues necessitate monitoring, the charming Berner remains a treasured breed for all of life’s adventures, loyalty, beauty and companionship. With a dual legacy as worker and friend, these dogs truly shine as devoted active family members. Come meet this special breed - you'll understand their enduring popularity amongst dog lovers.

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About AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch

As one of the nation’s leading breeders and trainers for Bernese Mountain Dog puppies, we at AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch pride ourselves on the work we do. With a fully attentive staff and a state-of-the-art facility, we strive to raise healthy, loving, and intelligent Berner puppies from our thriving dams and sires. So if you are looking for purebred Bernese Mountain Dog puppies, then there’s no need to look any further.

As a Bred with H.E.A.R.T. breeder of the American Kennel Club, we work with exclusive bloodlines to ensure that the offspring always develop into happy, healthy, bright, loyal, well-adjusted adult Berners. AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch has been breeding and training AKC Bernese Mountain Dogs for four generations. We adhere to the most optimal standards, which includes putting health first and foremost. Our days are full of playtime, socialization, and basic training etiquette.

Most of all, we encourage anybody pursuing the best family Berner companion to come see how we raise our puppies. We genuinely pride ourselves on the work we put into the program we have on our mountainous acreage along the Clark’s Fork River.

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How We

Stand Out From the Crowd!

At AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch, we are not only breeders and trainers, but we are truly passionate about the breed and each individual that comes our way. That’s why we treat all of our Berner puppies like our own from the minute they’re born to the second they leave.

In fact, most families keep us up-to-date on their new family members. This is something we always look forward to and are eager to hear about your many happy adventures for years to come.

To ensure a happy life together, we will help walk you through the adoption process and are open to answer any questions you have. Before taking your new family member home, we will educate you on their habits, schedule, food type, exercise tips, and more to make the transition as seamless as possible. And to go the extra step, we remain available in the coming weeks after adoption to help answer any questions.

We also offer a full replacement guarantee against genetic defects in our Bernese Mountain Dogs, for their lifetime!! We have one of the best guarantees in the country!! Many breeders don’t offer a guarantee like this, which is what makes us different. We are so confident in our puppies’ health and trust the superior bloodline to provide the best foundation for our AKC Bernese Mountain Dogs.

If you are eager to find Bernese Mountain Dog puppies for sale, then all you have to do is learn more about our Berner puppies here!

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Why Our Puppies Are Different

The special interactions we give each one of our puppies is what sets us apart from any other breeder. At AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch, this level of socialization is standard because we want all of our Berner puppies to be accustomed to human interaction when it’s time to go home. This way, we can guarantee that any puppy placed with you will go home wholly socialized and ready to join your family.

Another thing that sets us apart is that we are hands-on and attentive. As long as our dogs are with us, they are family to us — but it doesn’t stop there. Even after adoption, we are more than happy to stay in contact and answer any questions you may have in the coming weeks. But above all, we always adhere to our main priorities while also allowing our puppies to play on our land and receive advanced training services. Watch our Puppy Live Stream to not only add some cuteness to your day but to see how happy and loved our puppies are. If you have searched for “Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies for sale near me” we want you to know this is not just a transaction for us. We take seriously, each of our family placements.

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Healthy Genetics and MORE!

With our exclusive Veterinarian Health Report, unrivaled nationwide, we ensure your puppy's health & happiness. Our veterinarian provides it on the same day your puppy’s health certificate is issued. This 'Nose to Tail' exam is the crowning achievement of our “Well Puppy” program. Along with our AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. certification, breed-specific health screens, & LIfetime Genetic Health Guarantee, this final exam delivers confidence to you about your puppy’s health. Let us help you create lifelong memories filled with joy & companionship. Browse our site with confidence to find your perfect companion & welcome happiness into your family!

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Calm Temperament

We promote a calm temperament with frequent and appropriate socialization, advanced training options, and developing the Bernese Mountain Dog trait.

Traditionally, well bred Bernese Mountain Dogs innately have very calm temperaments. They are also less active and quieter than typical backyard breeders, which makes them easier to train and the perfect family dog for any type of family.

At AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch, we are firm believers in socializing our Berner puppies with adults, children, and other animals so that they will grow up to be confident and reliable adults.

Check out our revolutionary approach we've developed to nurture your beloved puppy's social skills

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Genetically True Bernese Mountain Dogs

AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch is dedicated to continuing strong bloodlines for Bernese Mountain Dogs. That’s why each one of our dams and sires is verified by the AKC as a purebred with certified genetics. We have all the appropriate information and genetic paperwork necessary on our dogs, which can be found here on our website, so you know that you are getting true full blood and well bred Berner puppies.

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Always Tri-Colored

Our name AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch says it all, and we’ve got the proof to show it. Producing gorgeously marked puppies is what we do best, which is what we can always guarantee. You’ll always find our puppies have gorgeous coats with distinguishable black noses.

Sometimes, we might get a puppy from a litter with a with a “Swiss Kiss”. This is a term of endearment used to describe the white hairs sometimes placed across the shoulder blades. That is becoming more and more sought after. So, if you are one of those who prefer a bit of white across the shoulder blades, let us know so we can match you up with the perfect family member today!

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Free Reign

Along The Clark’s Fork River & Wyoming’s Beartooth Mountain Range

A dog is standing in the snow looking up.

Can you imagine a world where your puppy gets to run and play safely in the open air at the base of the Beartooth Mountain Range? Fortunately, our dogs and puppies get to do this every single day. Nestled at the base of Wyoming’s Beartooth Mountains (part of the Rocky Mountain Range), our Berner puppies and their parents take full advantage of our Our Cozy Facility Along Clark's Fork River with wide open spaces where they can play, discover, and socialize for hours on end.

Best of all, we are eager to schedule visitors. When you come to see our puppies, you can also run and play with them to get to know them and where they grew up. Since we believe in breeding for families, we always treat our puppies as our own by giving them the best resources to grow up happily and healthily. We have a very thorough and strict biosecurity program that allows families to visit. This investment sets us apart from most breeders.

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Three Levels of

Advanced Training!

Not only are we recognized as one of the top Bernese Mountain Dog breeders in the country, but we are also situated in a modern lifestyle training facility. Here, we provide specialized training for your puppy based on your preferences.

Our Well-Trained Puppy Program offers three levels of training: Buckaroo 101, Buckaroo Honors, and Wrangler Advanced. Each level consists of daily training sessions tailored to your desired level of intensity. Buckaroo 101 serves as a basic introduction course lasting two to three weeks, while Buckaroo Honors builds upon that foundation and prepares the puppy for AKC’s S.T.A.R. Puppy Certification. For more comprehensive training, the Wrangler Advanced class focuses on socialization and obedience skills for the puppy's future.

Regardless of the training level achieved, we employ consistent training methods. We utilize micro training techniques, rewarding and reinforcing incremental progress while disregarding undesirable behaviors. Additionally, we incorporate the "Three D's" of canine training, gradually introducing Distance, Duration, and Distraction to each behavior as the puppy demonstrates reliability.

Alongside training, we prioritize ongoing confidence-building games and exercises for every AKC Bernese Mountain Dog in our program. Our aim is to foster well-rounded and confident dogs who thrive in various environments.

Buckaroo 101

Puppy manners are essential for ensuring a happy life with your Bernese Mountain Dog. That's why we offer the Buckaroo 101 training, a specialized 3-week course tailored for puppies between seven to eight weeks old. This comprehensive program focuses on teaching puppies the necessary skills and commands.

Successful graduates of the Buckaroo 101 training course display proficiency in both verbal and physical cues for all the required command words. They will learn basic commands such as "yes," "no," "sit," "down," and "stay," while also receiving conditioning in areas like greetings without jumping, crate training, grooming introduction, and separation building.

By enrolling your Bernese Mountain Dog puppy in our Buckaroo 101 training, you are ensuring they develop the fundamental manners and obedience needed for a harmonious and enjoyable life together.

Buckaroo Honors

Buckaroo Honors includes everything from Buckaroo 101 but is an additional 4 weeks. This course is more in-depth and covers just about everything you and your dog need to know to better communicate with each other in the future. Going beyond basic commands and conditioning, Buckaroo Honors is expansive, as it covers complex commands and behaviors.

Your Bernese Mountain Dog puppy will learn basic commands plus complex ones like “leave it, get it, calm, loose leash walking,” and more. Conditioning will advance to vetting behaviors and complete grooming behaviors.

Wrangler Advanced

Wrangler Advanced is our most advanced program, specifically designed to ensure that your Bernese Mountain Dog from our program becomes the epitome of well-behaved and well-trained dogs. Graduates of this program possess the necessary elements to excel in obedience and behavior.

One of the key achievements of Wrangler Advanced is that all graduates become Canine Good Citizen Certified. This certification serves as a solid foundation, particularly for those interested in pursuing service dog training. The program focuses on mastering ten essential skills that instill confidence and promote good manners in your puppy.

Looking ahead

We have plans to introduce virtual training programs as part of the AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch's Well-Trained Puppy Program. This will go beyond a mere library of pre-recorded videos. Instead, it will offer personalized 1-on-1 training conducted virtually by our AKC Certified Evaluator.

The AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch's commitment to excellence in training is exemplified by the Wrangler Advanced program and our upcoming virtual training initiatives. We strive to equip you and your Bernese Mountain Dog with the skills and resources necessary for a lifelong partnership built on trust, obedience, and mutual understanding.

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Resources on Berners from the AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Experts

Have burning questions about Bernese Mountain Dog puppies that are still hounding you? Well, don't worry, my curious friend! Our team of experts at the AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch has gone above and beyond to create a treasure trove of resources that'll have you barking up the right tree. We're talking about a smorgasbord of information that will make you the top dog when it comes to Bernese Mountain Dog puppy knowledge & know-how. So, grab your detective hat, sniff out our top FAQs, and unleash the knowledge with the accompanying resources. Trust us, you'll be wagging your tail in no time!

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Valuable Insights From Our Previous Puppy Owners!

Michelle is the Best!!!

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Marla B

Play Video

As you might expect, everything is great! She is an amazing puppy.

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Seth N

A dog sitting on the ground in front of bushes.

"Little" Betty Boop
She's so noble and fun and funny! Betty is the star of her training group. ❤️❤️ Thank you for delivering Dafne. I can't wait to reunite the sisters over the years to come.

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Lori B

Hi Michelle,
I wanted to send you a little update on miss Fernie 🙂 I can't believe she is already 6 months old! She has been doing so well! We just love her to pieces. She has done some traveling and is loving the Bay Area! I love that we have our little micro climate as it has been nice and cool all summer. We went to Lake Tahoe once she was fully vaccinated and had a lot of fun! We do a lot of trips to SF beaches and Pacifica.

She has completed her Puppy 1 training course with Petco and did really well. We are waiting for Puppy 2 to start as the trainer had to have surgery so it was delayed a little. Training is going great- she is fully potty trained, leash walking is going well, still pulls a little but for most part doing great. She gets a bit excited when people come over so we are working on that. Also, still in the mouthy phase but I feel like it is almost over as it is nowhere near where it was before and she just lost her last baby tooth. Lots of redirecting and marrow bones. She is fully crate trained, sleeps all night in crate and for 2 of 3 naps a day. We put her in there when we have to run an errand and she does great.

We found a great daycare near us that we take her to once a week. We pick our busiest day of the week and she is there 9am-3pm so she can get a lot of socializing in and we can get our things done. She loves it so much! We go to a lot of dog parks and hikes. She does so well with other dogs. She is a little celebrity everywhere we go 🙂

We really love the vet we have, they are wonderful and love Fernie.

2. She was sleeping through the night and potty trained pretty quick. She is so good with people and dogs. Thank you so much for all of your guidance and bringing this amazing girl to our family! I have attached some pics from over the summer. It is amazing to see how fast she has grown!


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Lisa M

A puppy with a bandana sitting in the grass.

I had a positive experience with Michelle Hall who provided me with Dolly, my beloved Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. Michelle demonstrated a strong commitment to the breed's well-being, ensuring Dolly arrived in excellent health and had undergone thorough veterinary checks. Her dedication to socializing Dolly and her ongoing breeder support and communication are commendable. Her transparency and adherence to responsible breeding practices were evident through comprehensive documentation and contracts. I would recommend AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch to anyone seeking a healthy and well-cared-for Bernese Mountain Dog puppy.

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Justin V

A dog laying on the floor with its head down.

Heidi is an exceptional family member. Thank you for what you do.

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Michelle S

A dog laying on the floor next to a couch.

FYI. Checo slept thru the fireworks because of the training he got from you. Many thanx.

A green triangle with white triangles on it.

Doris K

Two dogs laying on the floor together

Our street is exploding with fireworks and Chai is perfectly calm and relaxed, except she wants to go play with the kids next door who are lighting sparklers.😂 I think a lot of this is due to her breeder’s early conditioning!!

A green triangle with white triangles on it.

Bella R

I just wanted to share some pictures of Hank. He’s awesome and we love him! He’s turning into quite the farm dog and loves going to work with me too. Awesome in all environments with zero issues. He rides the tractor, loves all people and pup cups from the coffee shop! His obedience is coming along quite nicely as well!

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Krysta B

To share your comments with Michelle Hall and the team at AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Ranch, please email us: [email protected]

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AKC Bernese Mountain Dogs in the Nation

  • Genetically Clean & True Bernese Mountain Dogs - Best Health Guarantee in the US
  • We Can Hand Deliver Anywhere in the United States
  • An Excellent Facility Where Dogs Roam Freely Along the Banks of the Clark’s Fork River
  • Tiered Training Programs
A dog sitting on the ground with its head down.