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How to Know if You’re Dealing with an Ethical Breeder…(And not a Scammer)

The days of scanning the classified ads for puppies are over, and you can now find puppies that match your dream breed in a matter of minutes online; however, it’s easy to be fooled as scammers are becoming more and more sophisticated (up to 80% of online pet ads are scams).

In fact, in 2020, the BBB reported that  â€œ70 percent of people targeted by pet scams end up losing money, with a median cost in 2020 of $750.â€

So how are you supposed to know if you’re dealing with an ethical breeder, or someone who is just looking to profit off of your eagerness to bring your furry friend home?

Read this article for tips on how to avoid the pitfalls of online pet adoption, and how to find a breeder that you can trust.

They Aren’t Afraid to Show Their Face.

This is one of the most obvious signs. If they are real breeders, they have no qualms with showing you their face and providing you with regular video and photo updates of the puppy. They are accessible and transparent, and you can tell that they love what they do by how they interact with the puppies.

The Pictures of Your Puppy Have Different Backgrounds

If they are unable to provide video and just provide photos, make sure that the puppies have different backgrounds in the photos.

This is also a way to ensure that you are not supporting a puppy mill, and it helps to get proof that the puppies have a space to run and get exercise and are not kept in the same room with the same background.

Avoid Social Media

There is little to no way that you can protect yourself if you make a transaction via Facebook for a puppy. Be especially wary of people who message you in a group without your request or permission. You may be thinking that you’re finding a good deal, but it may come at a higher cost than you are anticipating.

What Platforms Can I Trust?

AKC Marketplaces thoroughly vet their breeders to ensure their legitimacy. You can also look for breeders that have a Bred With H.E.A.R.T. certification, which means the breeders go the extra mile to conduct health, personality, and genetic screenings.

The third-party financing platform also screens its breeders religiously, requiring all sorts of documentation, proof of ownership and quality of life for the dogs in their breeding program.

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